20th July 2022 Scientific Webinar
Hepatitis B and the Kidneys
Chairpersons: Dr. James Fung
Speakers: Dr.. Desmond Yap and Dr. Benjamin So

9th June 2022 Scientific Webinar
Highlights of APASL 2022
Chairpersons: Prof. Wai-Kay Seto
Speakers: Prof. Grace Lai-Hung Wong and Prof. Steven L Flamm

13th April 2022 Scientific Webinar
Prophylaxis & Management of Hepatitis B Reactivation
Chairpersons: Prof. Henry Lik-Yuen Chan
Speakers: Prof. Grace Lai-Hung Wong & Dr. Jimmy Che-To Lai

  22nd February 2022 Scientific Webinar
Highlights of AASLD 2021
Chairpersons: Prof. Grace Wong & Prof. Wai-Kay Seto
Speakers: Dr. Terry Cheuk-Fung Yip, Dr. Loey Lung-Yi Mak, Prof. Vincent Wai-Sun Wong

18th October 2021 Scientific Webinar
Emerging Lifestyle Strategies for the Primary Prevention of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Introduction: Prof. Grace Wong
Chair: Prof. Vincent Wong
Speaker: Dr. Tracey Simon (US)

  23rd September 2021 Scientific Webinar
Expert Insights on Hepatitis Management
Chair: Prof. Grace Wong
CHC treatment and SOF/VEL experience - Prof. Ming-Lung Yu
New Therapeutic Strategies using NAs in CHB - Prof. Harry LA. Janssen

31st August 2021 Scientific Webinar
HCC in NA-treated CHB Patients
Chair: Dr. Francis Li
Speakers: Dr. LAO Wai Cheung Dr. Carly Sun

20th April 2021 Scientific Webinar
HCV Elimination In A Post-Pandemic World
Chair: Dr. Rashid Lui
Speakers: Prof. Ashley Brown (UK)

27th April 2021 Scientific Webinar
Management of HBV-related ACLF
Chair: Dr. Loo Ching-Kong
Speakers: Dr. James Fung, Dr. Carla Lam

23rd February 2021 Scientific Webinar
Hepatitis B in Pregnancy
Chair: Prof. Henry Lik-Yuen Chan
Speakers: Prof. Grace Lai-Hung Wong, Dr. Jimmy Che-To Lai

23rd July 2020 Scientific Webinar
Achieving Goals: HBV/HCV Management
Chairs: Dr. Loo Ching-Kong, Dr Chua Tju-Siang (Singapore)
Speakers: Dr. James Fung, Prof. Lim Seng-Gee (Singapore)

26th June 2020 Scientific Webinar
Post AASLD 2019 Key Highlights on Hepatitis C
Chair: Dr. Rashid Lui
Speaker: Prof. Jean-Michel Pawlotsky

2nd June 2020 Live Webcast
COVID-19 From The Liver Perspective
Chair: Dr. James Fung
Update on COVID-19 and Therapeutics: Prof. Ivan Fan-Ngai Hung
Liver Manifestation iin COVID-19: Prof. Grace Lai-Hung Wong

21st February 2020 Live Interactive Webcast
Highlights of AASLD 2019
Chair: Dr. Yee-Tak Hui
Viral Hepatitis: Dr. Loey Lung-Yi Mak
NAFLD: Prof. Vincent Wai-Sun Wong
General Hepatology/PG Course: Prof. Grace Lai-Hung Wong



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