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Fellowship Application


The aim of the Fellowship is to provide advanced training in hepatology in foreign well-recognised centres for local doctors who are interested in studying liver diseases. The recipient is expected to have high professional competence and good moral standing. After completion of the training, he/she is expected to provide a better quality of public service with the application of knowledge and experience acquired.


  1. The Fellowship is normally awarded for a study period of 6 months or longer. (In the event that no application for 6 months or longer period of training was received, then the selection committee may award the Fellowship for a period of 3 months duration)

  2. The award is HK$100,000 for 6 month period or HK$50,000 for 3 month period.

  3. Simultaneous acceptance of other scholarship is not allowed.

  4. The candidate who will return and serve in a local public institution after the training will be preferred. The candidate is required to produce evidence of approval to take study leave from his/her serving institution.

  5. On completion of the training programme, the candidate is required to submit a report to the Association within two months, together with original letter of approval on study leave.

  6. The award will be paid on satisfactory completion of the training programme.

  7. An interview may be required by the Fellowship Selection Committee.

  8. The Fellowship Selection Committee has the sole discretion to grant the Fellowship or to refuse any application without assigning any reason.


Application is limited to fellows or trainees in Hepatology who fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Serving in a public hospital in Hong Kong

  2. Completion of 3 years of basic postgraduate medical training

  3. Holder of MRCP diploma, or its equivalent e.g. MRCPath (Part I) etc.

  4. Completion of at least one year of higher professional training in Hepatology at the commencement of the proposed overseas training in hepatology


  1. Applicant should complete Application Form Part I to VIII and return to Fellowship Selection Committee together with supporting documents.

  2. Applicant should give Forms of Reference to two referees, one of which should be applicant's supervisor. Completed Forms of Reference should be returned directly to Fellowship Selection Committee.

Address for Return

HKASLD Fellowship Selection Committee,
c/o Ms Gladys Chu/ Miss Christal Wong
Department of Medicine

The University of Hong Kong

Room 419, Block K, Queen Mary Hospital
102 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

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