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Sponsor Application

  1. The HKASLD is dedicated to promoting medical education regarding liver diseases, and welcomes applications for sponsorship to attend relevant scientific meetings.

  2. The following is a guideline for sponsorship application

  3. Applicants must be member of HKASLD for at least 1 year.

  4. Members have to submit application for sponsorship to the Hon. Secretary at least 30 days in advance of the Council Meeting. The application has to be approved in the forthcoming Council Meeting before it is considered to be valid (Council meeting is held every third Thursday in January, March, May, July, September and November).

  5. The selection will depend on criteria including evidence of active participation (e.g. paper presentation, chairmanship, etc.), history of receiving any sponsorship from the Association in the past, length of membership and the relevance of the meeting to the Association's objectives.

  6. The final decision will rest with the Council.

  7. The maximum number of sponsorship for each member is 2 times in a calendar year.

  8. A maximum limit of sponsorship for each meeting will be HKD 45,000. This includes a round trip economy class air ticket (or half of the fare of a business class ticket or equivalent), travel insurance, meeting registration fee and hotel accommodation. Other expenses including taxi fare or meals will not be reimbursed. Members have to reimburse the sponsorship from the Association with the evidence of receipts of air ticket, registration and accommodation within 6 months after the meeting, or the sponsorship will be cancelled automatically.


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