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Membership Application

Ordinary Members

Any medical practitioners or scientists who are interested in the study of the liver shall be eligible. They are entitled to vote, to hold office and to take part in all the Association's functions. Application for membership shall be proposed by one and seconded by another Association member, both of whom must have voting right. All applications for ordinary membership are subject to approval by the Council.

Associate Members

​Any persons duly proposed, seconded and passed in a council meeting for their contribution to the Association or to the study of the liver shall become associate members. Such members shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association except the power of voting and holding office.

Honorary Members

This membership is conferred under exceptional circumstances by the Association as a sign of respect and appreciation to a leader in the study of the liver, who has made significant contributions to the Association. This person shall be proposed and seconded by two Ordinary Members of the Association and the proposal shall be passed in a council meeting and subsequently endorsed in the minutes of the Annual General Meeting. The membership shall be for life.

Admission of Members

Every candidate for the Ordinary Member or Associate Member of the Association shall be proposed an Ordinary Member and seconded by another Ordinary Member of the Association. Application for admission must be made in writing signed by the candidate, the proposer and seconder concerned and addressed to the Honorary Secretary and shall be in such form as the Council shall decide from time to time.

Notwithstanding above, the Founder Members shall automatically become Ordinary Members after incorporation of the Association

Every member shall submit to and be bound by the rules and laws of the Association for the time being in force and shall accept as final the Council's interpretation thereof and Council's or Association's decision

Subscription of Members

The annual subscription for all Ordinary and Associate Members is currently waived

Address for Return

HKASLD Membership Selection Committee,
c/o Ms Gladys Chu/ Miss Christal Wong
The University of Hong Kong

Room 419, Block K, Queen Mary Hospital
102 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

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